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2017 Top 100  


Voting was suspended in September 2017 due to technical issues requiring a change in server platforms.  It was  hoped the voting feature would be resumed in 2018, but that has not proved feasible.  Work will continue in 2019 to enable future listener input on songs in the MTB playlist, and creation of annual Top 100 lists.  


Top 100 lists dating back to 2008 may be viewed by scrolling down this webpage.


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2020 proved a difficult year for tracking new original music by local artists, a reflection of the crazy year musicians had in general because of the coronavirus Covid 19 pandemic.  The MTB FM in St Pete also suffered a lightning power surge forcing transmitter repairs that kept the station off the air for a month during the summer.  Finally, procedures were begun to transfer the license for 96.7 FM to Radio St Pete requiring significant legal preparations.  All of this resulted in limited music playlist operations.  The list of the Top 100 songs of the year posted here reflects a merging of new and best recurrent tracks from the previous 2 years

Beginning in 2018, the dynamics of summarizing the year's music programming is changing dramatically from a listener/audience response data tabulation relying on votes through an interactive process here on this website.  With a change in servers and web display capabilities, the voting system has been put on the shelf indefinitely or until further notice.  Instead, a more unscientific method of displaying an annual computation of songs heard in the previous 12 months is being offered, a summary of songs in various current and recent catagories of tracks played through the Music Tampa Bay on-line and on-air programming system, with an emphasis of songs played during live shows from broadcast facilities in The Zoo Studios in St Pete.

Lists from this point forward are displayed alphabetically by artist first name.  Many are songs by artists who were new to the 96.7 MTB playlist in 2018.  Others are tracks deemed most suitable for airplay in a dual internet/FM broadcast environment.  All are selected for general appeal at the  sole discretion of Music Tampa Bay, Inc.

Until the summer of 2017, Top 100 Lists were compiled annually from votes accumulated in weekly voting by listeners on this website.  Some modifications, including additions & deletions of songs at the discretion of MTB were included, though these changes were generally confined to the bottom tier of songs where voting is light or non-existent.  Annual lists normally total between 20 and 30 thousand votes, though there have been higher, and lower totals since these lists began being published in 2008.  No claim of absolute accuracy or any reflection of actual popularity of songs or artists is made.  This information has always been intended only to serve as a guide for artists and their fans, friends, and families.

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